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About Jerome Greer Chandler

Twice, Jerome Greer Chandler has been honored for the year’s best maintenance story at the Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in London. Chandler won in 2000 and 2008. His book Fire & Rain, chronicling the wind shear crash of Delta Flight 191, was a best seller, and subsequently turned into a made-for-television film.

Chandler’s specialties are aviation safety and operations. He’s appeared on CNN, MSNBC, PBS Nova, The National Geographic Channel, and Good Morning America.

Aviation safety is more than academic for Chandler. Two relatives have perished in separate commercial airline crashes over the years, one in the infamous Braniff Electra tragedy of September 1959.

  1. Jerry – How have you been? It has been a long time. Hope all is well. The Mallett Group continues to thrive. Let’s catch up at some point. All the best, Marc

  2. Jerry,
    So glad to find you, this is Gary Topping. I’m now living in Italy and Australia, doing well. Coleman has been gone now for 20 years, seems like yesterday. All the best to y’all.

  3. Hi Jerry, I just read your Haneda article. People ask me all the time about the difference between the airports — Narita and Haneda, and now I have something to send them. I am currently the US represenative for Kyoto City and I am working with Hoshino Resorts, but you may remember me as the PR Manager for JNTO for 11 years (1997-2008). I also represent the flight search engine and content site, Momondo, in the USA. I’d like to talk to you at some point soon. Send me an email at — Marian Goldberg

  4. Hal Monk permalink

    Jerry: Every time news breaks on an airline crash, I wonder; “What will Jerry conclude about this?” You graciously described me as sagacious in Fire & Rain. I am still in my ‘long in the tooth’ law office six days a week. For recreation, I spend a lot of time as one of three directors of Vintage Flying Museum. If you are ever in the DFW area, would like to give you a tour of what flying used to be; and sponsor lunch.
    Hal Monk

  5. June Larsh permalink

    Read your article on flight 21 Charlie. That is the most info we have ever read on that planes disappearance. My husband was on that flight, Billy Atkins, age 21. Thank you June A. Larsh

  6. Hal Monk permalink

    I eagerly look forward to Jerry writing a thriller about Malaysia 370, He is such a superb word mechanic. Admit I never completely forgave him for buying into that microburst-macroburst BS that Delta 191’s insurer fabricated in an effort to blame God for that crash; rather than the gross stupidity of the crew in flying a plane load of passengers into a raging thunderstorm on the ground. But, that may have been because Jerry was so much more technically competent than me.
    Hal Monk

  7. Jerome:
    Great article on “Charlie 21”. I’m in the process of researching a portion of the Vietnam War regarding “non-combat” deaths. When you have the time, please contact me so that we can compare notes on this historic disappearance. In the memory of the 107 souls onboard who died on this flight: 11 crew, 3 South Vietnamese military and 93 American military.

  8. Chris permalink

    Dear Jerome, Just read your great article Allied Forces, on Business Traveler USA. I work with SkyTeam Alliance and I would like to get intouch with you regarding the article. You may reach me on and from there I will inbox you my personal contacts. king regards, Chris

  9. Anne Clugston permalink

    I produce for the ABC Drive Australia. Can you please email me regarding possible interview? Thanks Annie

  10. Jonar permalink


    How do i get in contact with mr chandler via mail?


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