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London Heathrow Gets Liquids Scanners


It’s about to become possible for flyers to carry on formerly-banned liquids in Europe. In anticipation of the European Union’s January easing of regulations, London Heathrow and a handful of other U.K. airports are deploying a piece of technology aimed at detecting things such as liquid explosives secreted in innocuous-looking containers.

Dubbed the LS10, the liquid bottle scanner scans LGAS – liquids, aerosols and gels – in search of things that could ruin your trip. Developed, produced and manufactured by Battelle and Sellex, the LS10 employs Radio Frequency and ultrasonic technology to “non-invasively (i.e., the screened liquid won’t hurt you) interrogate” containers’ contents according to a prepared release from Battelle. “We’ve been able to successfully scan everything from toothpaste tubes to a treasured set of porcelain cows filled with liquor purchased in a duty-free shop,” contends Mike Janus, Battelle National, Security’s general manager.

Battalle claims LS10 enjoys “high detection success” of bad things, while maintaining “low false alarm rates.”

In addition to busy London Heathrow, Aberdeen, Glasgow International and Southhampton Airports have also purchased the LS10, this after what Battalle says is “an extensive trial evaluation period conducted in early 2013.”

What are the chances of something like the LS10 showing up in the U.S.? The Los Angeles Times says the Transportation Security Administration is looking into an array of liquid-screening technologies.

The liquids screening effort in the U.K. will be rolled out in phases, with restrictions easing gradually as the program develops.


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