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What Stresses Euroflyers


European business can find themselves stressed by the uncertainty encountered on the road. A new study by the Global Business Travel Association and AirPlus International indicates while 85 percent of those polled say they actually enjoy business travel, a fair share of flight factors engender angst. The 2013 European Business Traveller Well Being-Being Study concludes stress levels elevate when:

– They have to deal with air travel delays or cancellations (66%);
– Their journeys are affected by long layovers at the airport (49%);
– They have to make a connecting flight (45%);
– They must travel outside normal business hours such as late night (44%), weekends (42%) or early mornings (40%).

Overall, safety is the Eurobusiness traveller’s top consideration. 76% of those polled believe it’s important their employers take their road warriors’ safety and security seriously. Among other concerns:

– 75% say staying in touch with family and friend while on the road is important;
– 65% believe maintaining a healthy diet while traveling about is key;
– 45% of European business travelers say sticking to their exercise regimen is a priority.

Then there’s the color of business travel these days. It’s greener. Eurobusiness travellers are increasingly eco-conscious. The study finds:

– 58% try to recycle paper, plastic or glass;
– 52% attempt to render their personal carbon footprint a bit lighter by booking hotels closer to their meetings, this so they can walk rather than ride;
– When they do ride, a full 45% try to take public transportation when it’s available.

The import of all this for corporate travel policy shouldn’t be underestimated. “Understanding what factors influence a business traveller’s well-being can help corporate travel managers design travel policies that better support road warriors,” says GBTA Vice President of Research Joseph Bates. He asserts, “Improving the travel experience” can help alleviate the stress that all too often accompanies getting from Point A to Point B. The result?: more productive and pleasant travels.

GBTA and AirPlus International conducted the online survey between June 19 and July 5, 2013 with 675 business travelers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


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