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Seats to Suit Yor Back? – United’s Rolling Them Out


Once-upon-a-time, when Delta Air Lines was flying L-1011 TriStars, this reporter used to dread booking a coach seat on the carrier’s widebody tri-jet. That’s because the seats were so uncomfortable. Specifically, there was something about the structure of them that protruded into the back of my 5’ 11” frame.

Seats have come a long way since then. Consider United Airlines’ new offerings. While everyone touts the comfort of their business and first class offerings up in the pointy end of the airplane, it’s nice to see someone is paying attention to the folks in the back of the bus.

United says it’s deploying a slew of new ergonomically-attuned seats on hundreds of aircraft serving the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. And it’s not just full-size craft that are set to get ‘em. Matter of fact, the new seat type made its debut on a United Express CRJ700 operated by SkyWest.

Here’s what sets these United Economy and United Economy Plus seats apart from some of the competition:

– More ergonomic, supportive cushioning.
– More seat-back storage space.
– Multi-tonal leather seat covers.
– Sculpted contouring.

All of this comes in a package that the carrier touts as more environmentally friendly – this because the seatsets weigh less. That translates into less fuel burn.

Developed in conjunction with the travel and transport design consultant Priestmangoode, United ultimately plans to deploy some 60,000 of the new seats, installing them on more than 500 aircraft.


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